If you are interested in starting Waffle-Ball personally, or at your facility, please contact us for more information. There is a variety of possible equipment choices and skill levels of the game, as well as strategies to develop your program, we can help you understand.

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One Wall Racquetball is awesome!

Lake Mayer Community Park is open for play from 7:00AM-10:00PM.

Play often, have fun, see you soon?.

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This is a multi-sport facility; ie tennis, lacross, and soccer players practice on the wall; there are portable nets where pickleball or badminton can be played perpendicular to the wall.  On the wall itself, we play a variety of sports: Waffle-Ball, Handball, Paddleball, and Racquetball. If you are trying to perfect your game, whichever sport you prefer, then consider to come out and play at Lake Mayer!  Waffle-Ball was developed as a starter game to help people learn the basics needed to play the other sports we play, but it can be fun and challenging as well! 

We are always looking for new players so please contact us to coordinate with others with similar skills and interests. 

There are two fenced courts at Lake Mayer Community Park available to play at no cost.  One court has a cushioned sport tile surface and the other has a concrete surface. The facility has no lights so plan to play during daylight hours. There are restrooms close by and with cold water drinking fountains. This is a great place to come and play as long as you desire, as at least one the court is typically available. One wall is a great way to improve your footwork, swing mechanics, and control of the ball. Since there are no side walls the ball must be played more accurately to keep it inside the lines

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